Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello, Toast! I greatly admire your ship!

In addition to being an emissary of galactic peace toast also posses another perhaps more peculiar property.  The unusual attraction between the buttered side and the ground.  It is often stated that when dropped toast will always land butter side down.  So common is this occurrence and so universal in the experience of mankind that the idea is widely held as an irrefutable, if inexplicable, law of the universe; much like the law of gravity.  Which leads me to wonder...  What if all the sides were buttered?  In the absence of the dichotomy which underlies this law what result should one expect?  My hypothesis is that the toast, being unable to determine on which side it should land, will simply float above the ground while the universe contends with this paradox.  And thus in the name of science, and for the sake of the ridiculous, I will conduct a formal experiment to determine the truth of this hypothesis.  Stay tuned for the results; which will no doubt be shocking as is frequently the case when one does science.

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