Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hope Floats. Toast... Not so much.

Well the results are in and sadly it would appear that gravity has won the day. 

I suppose it makes sense.  Landing butter side up is probably only a cosmic misdemeanor while violating the law of gravity is apparently a felony charge.  Still it is somewhat disappointing not to see the toast float.  I'd like to try the
Toast and Cat experiment next; but a lack of cats and a healthy respect for PETA's nonexistent sense of humor lead me to believe that might be unwise.  Maybe I'll watch that film instead... Or not.  However; the random reference to a film I've never seen did provide me with a new insight.  Hope is less dense than air.  Or perhaps it has some anti-gravitic properties...  Maybe soon we'll all be flying around in aircraft held aloft by hope.  Or maybe we already are.  I always hope the plane stays in the air when I'm flying.  I've got a pot of coffee and a couple new ideas for the blog brewing so stay tuned.  And have a mug ready.

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