Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mun(day)ne 1

What follows are the likely overly verbose ramblings of an individual who's life prior to this point was only passingly mundane and therefore failed to warrant any form of chronicle or record within which to preserve for posterity the events experienced by the author up to the point at which we now find ourselves. Aside from simply being a forum for the author to plow headlong into whatever topic strikes his fancy and simultaneously exercise a vocabulary which is only marginally better than average (and I assure you this is just such a forum) the author sincerely hopes to be able to at times entertain, inform, challenge and and perhaps on the rare occasion when the mundane allows even shock the reader. In keeping with the latter of these goals and in an admittedly desperate attempt to keep you reading I believe it my most solemn duty to bring to your attention a most disturbing fact. Soylent Green... is people. Once one has recovered from their initial disgust concerning the origin of this popular food one is forced to admit that it certainly explains the logic behind Soylent's recent “You are what you eat” ad campaign. And if you are one of those readers so jaded as to be unmoved by the horror of this revelation then I could, if you were interested, recommend several fine museums housing exquisite collections who would no doubt delight in the opportunity to ensconce you among their exhibits.

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