Monday, January 31, 2011

Pier Pressure

You may be unaware that the idea to bring this blog into existence, to call forth words from the aether, was actually not mine but that of a pair of friends and former coworkers.  And now in the enduring spirit of caving to external pressure on which this blog was built I've decided to attempt another venture suggested by one of these original culprits.  Art.  That's right art.  Much like the initial decision to begin a blog the entire concept of actually attempting the creation of art rather than simply observing someone else's art, and nodding sagely doing my best impression of "getting" the artist's intent, gave rise to a set of emotions and thoughts I imagine are similar to those experienced by a man taking the proverbial "long walk off a short pier".  The emotions run the gamut from panic to anticipation.  While thoughts like: "These shoes don't match my outfit at all." "I bet their names aren't really Vinnie and Joey." "I knew I should have packed my floaties today", and "Did I unplug the toaster?" flash through my mind like scenes from a B mob movie. Having moved past these emotions to acceptance and having confirmed that, yes, the toaster is in fact unplugged I feel fairly confident that art will be forthcoming in the near future.  I haven't yet decided what form said art will take, other than poor, but stay tuned for the moment of decision and ensuing presentation.  If nothing else the experience should be good for a laugh.

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