Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's show is brought to you by: The letter c, Death, Taxes and other Universal Constants

The arrival of my 2010 Federal tax return earlier today began a train of thought only slightly less tangled than the cords of your favorite portable electronic device after they've been left neatly coiled and untouched in a hermetically sealed container placed on an otherwise empty shelf within a large vault.  Which is to say; so completely and hopelessly tangled as to make one truly appreciate Alexander's solution to the Gordian Knot.  The mechanisms involved in this spontaneous tangling of electrical cords remain one of the great mysteries of the universe despite the best efforts of scientists, seers, and the cast of all three CSI franchises.  But we were talking about taxes.  There are a number of constants in the universe, and several constants which are numbers, among which are taxes.  There is much speculation on how taxes came to be a constant but the most widely held theory is that the government, being in need of money to spend and having been denied an increased allowance by its parents and unwilling to go out and get a job like the rest of us, created taxes in order to be able to buy lots of of mostly useless stuff at prices much higher than what they would have paid at Wal-Mart.  It should be noted that some scholars suggest that the government may not have been unwilling to get a job but was unable to find a job due to the fact that it pretty much doesn't do anything useful.  Other scholars believe that the accusation of doing nothing useful is overly negative; citing evidence that the government simply doesn't do anything... useful or otherwise.  Regardless of the their origin taxes got me thinking about other universal constants such as the letter c.  For those who were unaware, and unwilling to click the conveniently provided link, c represents the speed of light in a vacuum.  Which begs a very interesting question. What brand of vacuum are they using.  My vacuum doesn't even get all the dirt out of the carpet; let alone the light out of the room.  So far begging that question hasn't gotten me any answers but I did get $17.23 and two buttons.  Stay tuned for more in the mun(day)nes ahead.

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  1. Brian this is awesome!! You keep me laughing. If you've ever thought....or for that matter, haven't thought about doing a sketch of your Mun(day) should. Check out Sophia's Sunday Sketches at It's so much fun to share a little work around the blog-o-spere.