Friday, April 8, 2011

Bliggity, Bloggity, Boo

Recently (ok so it was almost a month ago) I was visited by my fairy blog mother who suggested that I tackle the issue of _____'s; or more accurately why it seems to be all but impossible for us to simply call a _____ a _____. After all no one seems to have any trouble with calling a _____ a shovel so why is _____ so hard to get out? After a great deal of careful research (that is to say about five minutes of casual consideration) I have determined that the issue at hand is the result of film's influence on the collective consciousness of humanity. Or more accurately the singular influence of a particularly epic film. The year was 1941 and into the office of a private detective walked a exceptionally lovely dame who went by the name of Miss Ruth Wonderly. The detective's name was Sam Spade and he would go down in history as the first and definitive archetype of the film noir anti-hero. But how does this play into the issue of calling a _____ a _____? The answer is that Sam Spade has made such a profound and indelible mark on the fabric of our cultural psyche that we have become unable to associate the name held by one of the greatest icons of film with something so mundane; so base as a _____. There simply cannot be any _____ but Sam Spade. Anything else is just a shovel.

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