Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Topic Will Emerge

Or will it... It is a curious thing down to write with absolutely no pre-determined topic upon which to build. The experience might be described as being akin to building a house made of jello. Or perhaps not. After all the simple act of choosing a building material no matter how unlikely immediately creates a structure, albeit a jiggly one, which is a hundred percent more structure than we possess going into this particular blog entry. The peculiar thing about this exercise is that there is as little reason for it as there is topic to support it. After all there is no global shortage of topics. No crash in the topics market has writers flinging themselves from the windows of their publishing houses. Quite the opposite there are a wealth of meaningful, poignant and inspiring topics one might touch upon. Hot button issues like the President's birth certificate, the exsanguination of big cats, winning, and whether Donald Trump's hair is toupee, plugs, or tribble are only a few of the issues one could begin to address. But why be boxed in? Not that there's anything wrong with boxes. Quite the contrary boxes are awesome. Some of my fondest memories involve boxes. Christmas morning, the countless forts built, the excitement of packing for freshman year. And let's not forget the great advances in science made possible by the box. Why I myself have built no less than half a dozen spacecraft using only boxes and where would society be today without the advent of the transmorgifier. In fact were it not for the transmorgifier, and by extension the box used to create it, the aforementioned exsanguination of big cats would most certainly have wiped out the world's population of tigers. But despite the appeal of boxes there is something to be said for being outside of one. After all we don't leave the Christmas presents in the boxes, and sooner or later you have to unpack the boxes when you move in. And let's not forget that the view from inside the box is nothing to write home about. But I'm getting off track. Well not really; more like getting on track and that simply won't do. So it is here that we will part ways before my use of rhetoric to disguise a lack of content becomes a form of content in it's own right.

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