Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angrish and Other Emotions

Sometimes life throws you situations in which the standard set of emotions offer wholly inadequate options for response. In fact three out of ten people suffer from chronic Emotional Dysfunction as a result in inadequate emotion response. In order to rectify this appalling situation we at EmotiCorp, Inc. Have created a set of next generation emotions to bridge those gaps in the emotive process left by the previous generation of standard emotions. These updates include new hybrid emotions, such as Angrish, created using our patented Engineered Molecular Oscillation Transcription Emotional Synthesis (E.M.O.T.E.S.) technologies. This state of the art technology allows us to alter the molecular structure of the chemical triggers for emotional response in such a way as to allow for the experience of not only hybrid emotions such as Miserappiness and the previously mentioned Argrish; but entirely new emotions such as Chantwiterpy. Not sure you'd even know what that feels like you say? Well trust us after just one E.M.O.T.E.S. treatment you'll know it when in you feel it. You may have struggled with Emotional Dysfunction in the past but now there is hope. So talk to your doctor today and ask if an E.M.O.T.E.S. treatment is right for you.

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