Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day

Yes I am aware that Fathers day was Sunday and it is now technically two days after the fact. And yes I am aware that it is now Tuesday and this post is late. Now that we've established my inability to get things up here in a timely fashion let's move along shall we. First off, ok so third off, happy Fathers day to my dad. You're welcome. After all without me, or those siblings of mine, you wouldn't be celebrating and how sad would that be. Answer; very. Fourthly happy Fathers day to all the other dads I know. Especially my good friend Tim who celebrated his first Fathers day this year. I hope he enjoyed the moment dedicated to him since all the others go to his spawn, his term not mine, now. Maybe next year for Fathers day Sam, the spawn, will return some of Tim's dignity since he seems to have robbed him of the limited supply he previously possessed.

But that's what being a dad is all about; right. So here's to you dads. And remember some day the tables will turn and while you'll still be the one doing embarrassing things but you'll be to old to realize it and your children will be the ones who actually experience the embarrassment.

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