Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five, Five Dollar Footlong

Unfortunately today has been woefully uninspiring. But things are looking up. I have a couple projects in the works which should be making their appearance soon. One craft project of sorts and two furniture reclamation projects all of which have a high probability of resulting in hilarity given my general lack of craftiness and the fact that these furniture projects are much larger in scope than any reclamations I have previously attempted. In other news it has been well established that five dollars can get you one of these...

But did you know it can also get you one of these...

That's right. This chair cost the same as the sandwich and as good as the sandwich was, and yes I did actually eat one today, I think the chair was the better value. I'm frankly more than a little pleased with this purchase. Unlike my other recent furniture purchases which are going to require some significant work to refurbish, hence the upcoming reclamation projects, this chair is in nearly pristine condition. I'm looking forward to see how it pairs with some of the other pieces I've picked up.

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