Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It has long been held that laughter is good medicine and I attribute a great deal of my health to the fact that there are many things in this world which amuse me. Things like a good joke; The Princess Bride, Calvin and Hobbes, pretty much any thing my buddy's kid does (see the Fathers Day post), and pain (8min 20sec).  But more than anything else I amuse myself.  Whether, talking to myself, singing along with random songs on the radio or practicing the air guitar I can pretty much always count on finding some reason to laugh at myself; which along with the health benefits also makes life much less awkward when everyone else is laughing at me.  Some might claim that my state of near constant amusement has nothing to do with my health but I think the evidence speaks for itself. I've never suffered from gout, malaria, pneumonia, dismemberment, peanut allergies, halitosis, or the plague.  Clearly the laughter is working.  So if you value your health as much as I value mine don't waste your time getting a perscription; self-medicate.  After all we're all laughing at you; why shouldn't you laugh at you too.

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