Thursday, June 16, 2011

Save time, the planet, syllables and food. Frigerate after opening!

One of the most common instructions encountered when preparing food in a modern kitchen is "refrigerate after opening". And while the instruction is well meaning and certainly of value I think that as we face the horrors of global warming and a ecological outlook which is deteriorating from grim to apocalyptic we must begin to consider the true ramifications of this phrase. With the planet poised on the precipice of such a slippery slope it behoves us to look for ways to cut back on our environmental impact whenever possible. It is to this end that I am proposing that we begin to replace all instances of the phrase "refrigerate after opening" with the environmentally sound phrase "frigerate after opening". No that is not a typo though dubbed obsolete by most dictionaries after having fallen out of vogue some time ago frigerate is in fact a word which is synonymous with it's more well known cousin refrigerate. Now you may be wondering who this change will aid in the battle against the looming ecological collapse of the planet earth. First off think of all the ink that could be saved by not printing those two extra letters. While it may seem insignificant at first with millions of printings it would not only reduce the amount ink and the pollution associated with the production and application of said ink but it would also cut costs for the companies doing the printing. And who doesn't like to save the planet and money at the same time. There are other ecological benefits as well. When verbalizing these instructions using the shorter version will cut back on CO2 released by the speaker as well as saving them valuable time. In light of these myriad benefits and because recycling pretty much anything even an obsolete word is cool I feel that we as environmentally conscious individuals must take this first step in the battle to save our planet and frigerate after opening.

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