Friday, June 17, 2011

This Fiasco has Me Seeing Red

Hopefully the only fiasco tonight will be the one on stage. Going to see Red at Hooligans. Oh No Fiasco opens; should be a good show. More to come after the show. Perhaps something at the show will inspire a post funnier than this. We can hope.

So, the show was awesome and no unwanted fiascos; only the one that was supposed to be there. After Oh No Fiasco's set I spent some time talking with the band and we all got a little cozy while taking this photo...
From The Extraordinarily Mundane Life of Brian
We stood like that for quite some time while waiting to get a clear shot since people kept walking in front of the camera. If you like the sound of Paramore or some of Flyleaf's softer tunes then I'd recommend checking out Oh No as their sound is what I imagine it would sound like if you mixed those two. All the bands were great but by far the highlight was the boys from Red absolutely blowing the roof off the place.
From The Extraordinarily Mundane Life of Brian
No really by the end of the show what began as an indoor event had become an open air show... I wonder if they have insurance for that. All in all a great evening. Gotta love a good concert.

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