Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Georgia

What is wrong with you. No one seems to be able to drive without trying to run me off the road. You have narrow winding two lane roads with a 70 mph speed limit and eight lane interstates with 55 mph speed limits. And the drivers insist on doing 70 mph in the 55 zones and 55 mph in the 70 zones. You tell me that the next two exits are 196a and 196b but not which is a and which is b. And don't get me started on the exits which feature only a single sign announcing the exit number and destination with said sign positioned some 10 meters beyond the point at which you needed to exit. Your drivers insist on racing past me in the fast lane and then getting over in front of me only to reduce their speed to something just under the current limit causing me to then pass them. A process they seem only too willing to repeat each time I subsequently pass them. Then there are the really brilliant signs which you so thoughtfully placed at excessively regular intervals to remind us that "speed checked by detection devices" is the order of the day. As opposed to the practice of many states in which speeds are checked by non-detection devices. But despite all that I don't think you're ever going to succeed in what I can only assume is your intentional, I like to there's no way this much highway horror is accidental, attempt to beat out New Jersey as America's most infamous place to drive. After all at least there are good reasons to drive through Jersey; no good reasons to stop there, something you both have in common, but there are locations worth visiting that require passing through New Jersey to reach. Not so Georgia. Some would argue that Florida is worth Risking the drive for but I say no. The relatively low cost of a plane ticket and the fact that florida is surrounded by water make plane and boat both viable and infinitely safer options for the traveller concerned with arriving in Florida riding in something other than a hearse.

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