Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pack Light

This weekend I'm on the road going traveling to Virginia for a friends wedding and in order to cut back on the amount of baggage, insert joke about my having lots of baggage here, I've decided not to pack two of my travel staples on this trip. Caffeine and sleep have been left at the boarding gate back home. So far things seem to be going fairly well but we'll see if that lasts. We're only one day into a three day trip and already I'm beginning to wonder whether ditching those two at the same time was a good idea. Normally I'd be using one of the two to compensate for a lack of the other and it wouldn't much matter which side of the equation they fell on but now the equation has become as unbalanced as this guy. Perhaps I'll have to consider swinging by Wal-mart and picking up some sleep; maybe a three pack. I'd grab some caffeine from the gas station across the street but I'm trying to kick that habit cold turkey so that's out at this point. Plus with the shakes I'm experiencing from the caffeine withdrawal it be hard to hold a drink anyway. I'd feel kind of like I'm in rehab except there aren't any celebrities here so I know there's no way I can be in rehab This may not get posted until Saturday morning due to a general lack of wifi at the hotel where I'm staying. That's the case then I'll have an extra post or an amendment to this post to update you on all the latest developments in this breaking story.

Ok so it's now Saturday night and I owe you an update. Last night I finally caved and picked up some sleep which ended up being a good idea because today has been a long day. The wedding went off without a hitch; well I suppose that's not really correct seeing as how the whole point of the wedding was for people to get hitched and that's what happened. The reception was great though I was falsely told that my tuxedo with purple accents made me look like a pimp which was completely untrue. I know this was untrue because I didn't meet a single girl. But enough about my relationship or lack of relationship issues. In fact enough of everything for tonight. Time to use the rest of the sleep I picked up yesterday.

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