Tuesday, August 23, 2011

0% More Fiber & 100% More Author

Let me guess…..you showed up today to delve into the delightfulness of Brian celebrating his mundane life? 
I suppose this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise from the reader of a blog entitled “The Extraordinarily Mundane Life of Brian.”  …..but alas, Brian….err….”we” have a surprise for you! 
Although Brian once claimed (and still does) on the sidebar of this very blog that 99% of life is made up of otherwise mundane moments, it seems only natural to assume based on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only blogging that he may have been slightly over zealous in his initial calculations. …..based on my less than scientific calculations and his 3 out of 7 day blogging it may be closer to 43%……or maybe he’s just busy *living* life instead of writing about which may realistically be the case. 
Yet regardless of explanation, Brian has agreed to allow me to share 29% of my mundane life on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
To which you respond:
“….but your name isn’t even Brian!”
“Why don’t you just get your own blog?”
To which I respond:
  …..and whilst there is little I can do about the whole “name issue”, I *did* once have my own blog.  The ideas for mine and Brian’s blogs were hatched around the same time (over a Red Bull on a Saturday morning), yet in a momentary lapse of forward thinking, I failed to realize that wearing my Vibram Five Finger shoes for an entire year and blogging about it led to a finite time-line for my blog.  This rendered my blog named WhereTheToesGo better entitled WhereTheToesWent as of April 2011.  So alas, Brian has indulged my desire to flex my literary skills on his blog & join him in celebrating the “everyday-ness” of life……..at least until I start my own new blog or my life becomes less mundane, whichever comes first. ; - )
That being said, let me introduce myself:
 I’m Erin.
Below is a photograph of me, Brian, and our former colleague Justin (in that order).    Justin’s blog (also hatched over a can of Red Bull) is still in the pre-pre-planning stages (aka: hasn’t been started yet). 

…..and now to the topic of topics which I am most likely to be covering.  
Here is a list in alphabetical order:
Airplanes, Alliterations, Apocalyptic Survivability of Various Substances and Organisms, Art (loosely interpreted), Baked Goods, Barefoot Running, Cleaning Products, Common Adages, Fruit, Gardening, Hearts, Inexplicable Signage, Meteorological Conditions, Obscure Bible Quotes, Other, Paint (all types), Semantics, Shoes (or lack thereof), Snail Mail, Soup, Squares, The Letter “e”, Things Lost & Found, Various Photographic Adventures, and Vegetables.
*Disclaimer: Please note, whilst posts by Brian are recommended to be read using a fake British accent, posts by me are recommended to be read using a French accent (not to be confused with reading posts in French……which is impossible as they are written in English).  For enhanced blog enjoyment you may consider reading posts while vacationing in France.  …..wait, scratch that!!  While vacation anywhere, DO NOT read this blog!  You are responsible for enjoying your vacation and engaging in exciting activities.  Instead, read this blog upon your return in an effort to shirk the mundane, such as laundry and lawn mowing, which are certain to be waiting for you.

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