Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day Off, Nerd Style

Being in Georgia makes days off only slightly more fun than days spent in the shop. Not having friends, familiar territory, or most of my books, games, movies, etc makes finding something to pass the day a bit of a challenge. My last few days off before coming to Georgia were occupied with art projects and prep for said projects all of which is now on hold as bringing them with me wasn't really feasible. So much of today, as with most off days here, was spent in the gym. According to the bike machine I spent approximately two hours pedaling and burned more than 1000 calories. An otherwise mind numbing feat made possible by the video playback capabilities of my iPad (Goodplayer is my favorite app). But sadly today saw the end of the series which had been carrying me through my absurdly long pedaling sessions. Those who know me, or who have read any of my blog, are likely aware that I am what is known in the vernacular as a "nerd" or "geek". And as such I am prone to enjoy the occasional anime. The recently completed series was one Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood which came highly recommended by a friend who apparently just wanted me to watch the show so that he could talk about it with someone. I had already seen the original Fullmetal Alchemist but I much preferred this second version of the story as it was much more faithful to the manga which inspired both series. Plus the ending in the second version was closer to what I had hoped for as the story unfolded. Not that the original versions ending was bad but more that it seemed to take a much darker and more serious tone that the rest of the series which was fairly lighthearted throughout most of the story. Whereas the ending to the second series is a ray of hope at the end of a longer and darker struggle than that portrayed in the original series. Both series definitely worth a viewing if you can get over the fact that it's a cartoon long enough to realize that not all cartoons are for kids. Not sure what I'll watch next but I have several other shows lined up to help me through the monotony of stationary cardio workouts. It'd be nice if there was a good place to run around here but there aren't any trails and running on the roads near the apartment would most likely prove an interesting form of suicide; my thoughts on Georgia drivers can be viewed in the Dear Georgia post. So to make a a long story slightly longer as much as I enjoy having 24/7 access to a free gym I much prefer to pass my days back home in NC and am looking forward to heading back that way soon.

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