Saturday, August 6, 2011

eBay For The Win; The US Not So Much

In news that makes me happy eBay has once again turned up bargain priced treasure in the form of 6 volumes of The Spectacular Spider-Man which should be arriving on the doorstep in Jacksonville at very close to the same time that I will once again be crossing that threshold. Which is the days other good news; soon I'll be bidding Georgia a less than fond farewell and returning to the familiar streets of eastern NC. Looking forward to being home even if J-action-ville is in actuality almost completely devoid of anything resembling action. In other eBay related news I picked up a few things on the clearance racks at which will soon grace the virtual aisles of that Mecca of resale. I've had great success with this in the past and hopefully we'll continue the trend. I'll let you know how that works out. Garlic and lime chicken tacos with a side of my special refried beans were the order of the day; for dinner. Sadly I once again failed to take any pictures and since the food was delicious if I do say so myself, and I do, there were no leftovers to photograph after the initial attack by the ravenous hordes. The ravenous hordes being my coworker Kevin and I as the apartment is unusually free of peoples; with the aforementioned Kevin and myself being the only current residents. And now for today's news which sucks. I know this is the happy, funny, feel good blog and we don't do news that sucks but this one is a bit bog for me to just ignore and as I do possess a B.A. In Economics it would be remiss of me not to address the topic. That's right I'm talking about the fact that the IRS still exists. Its mind boggling really; the government wants to cut spending but can't decide where to cut the funds and no one even suggests getting rid of the one government agency that no one, and I do mean no one, likes. I mean no offense to those who work for the IRS but let's be honest CIA operatives would be more likely to admit to the nature of their work than an IRS agent. But all kidding aside the news that S&P has downgraded it's credit rating for the US is really not funny. I generally find the incompetence of the political types in Washington as amusing as the next guy; ok so maybe slightly more than the next guy but that's only because the guy next to me has no sense of humor. I mean really who doesn't think The Princess Bride is hilarious; that's just inconceivable. But this time the level of stupid in our capital has really just gotten ridiculous. And not in the kind of funny but of creepy way that fifteen clowns in a tiny car is ridiculous; but more like the horrifying, nauseating, makes you weep for the fate of humanity way that MTV's Jersey Shore is ridiculous. And after this news it would appear that the cast of Jersey Shore might not be the dimmest segment of the American population after all. Good job politicians. If the rates on my student loans start to spike I'll send you the bill. Which brings us to my newest project which was suggested by a friend from my college days by way of the Facebook. I'll be learning Chinese. I figure with the way the economy is looking now I should get a jump start on acquiring a skill set that will make me useful to our future Chinese masters. After all they're much less likely to beat the really useful slaves. Ok so I couldn't put the kidding aside. Oh well.

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