Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free Donuts And Other Things That Make My Day

Last night after a long and less than thrilling day I decided to sit down and watch the season finale of one of my favorite shows; USA's White Collar. I had missed the first showing but fortunately there was a rerun of the episode at a time when I could use the television at the apartment without having to worry about anyone else in the apartment. That time was 11pm which was late enough to deconflict viewing preferences by virtue of my being the only person still awake. Since this was the season finale and I really don't have much, as in nothing, going on down here I decided to make it something of an event or as much of an event as it could be with only one person and a volume level that wouldn't wake the rest of the crowd. To this end I made a quick run to the 24/7 gas station just up the street for a Starbucks frappuccino drink and one of the Krispy Kreme donuts delivered early that morning. Excuse me a moment. Muggle. No I do not have typing tourette syndrome just running a little spell check experiment. Apparently Apple's spell check does not recognize Krispy Kreme or frapaccinno as words. It also has no idea what tourette syndrome is but it's pretty sure muggle is a word. Now I know can write about Harry Potter without fear of little red lines. Ahem; where was I? Ah yes. While coffee in a can and day old donuts aren't the greatest party snacks they do okay in a pinch; especially since the only other option was a Monster energy drink and beef jerky. When I got to the counter the cashier asked a question I wasn't expecting. Was there anything else in the donut case I wanted. This seemed a strange question since if I had wanted anything else I would have chosen it when I got the donut I had brought to the counter to purchase. But then something magical happened. The cashier explained that next delivery of donuts would soon be arriving and at that time any donuts currently left from that mornings delivery would be thrown out and as such not only was she not going to charge me for the donut I had but I was welcome to take as many additional donuts as I liked for the same low price. The end result being that instead of buying one donut I ended up with five free donuts. I could have taken more but I'm trying to at least pretend I care about my arteries. Upon returning to the apartment with my bounty I was able to relax; eat way to much junk and enjoy my show, next season is gonna be awesome, in peace. When the day began I didn't have much hope for it being anything but mediocre but any day with free donuts is a good day. Unless you're diabetic. Speaking of diabetics. After the show I wrote a short personal bio for my sister's wedding website. Apparently that's something that they do now. They being people getting married and that being inflicting 8th grade English flashbacks on members of the wedding party. If things are slow between now and my next post I may throw the bio up here, go ahead and just plan on seeing the bio, because I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I'm pretty excited for my sister. I suppose a wedding isn't really all that little or mundane but I'm gonna go ahead and just brag on my sister anyway.

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