Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here's The Story Of The Hurricane

So quick post before the power dies. The first bands of hurricane Irene are beginning to enter the area and power has already begun to flicker so we'll try to get this out before it goes down completely. Spent the morning at work, I don't need to tell You how mundane that was, then spent the afternoon preparing for the storm. Helped get the church storm ready then headed home to finish doing the same there. At church prepping for the storm meant covering electronics and instruments with plastic, unplugging computers and getting anything that might be damaged up off the floor. At home hurricane prep looks more like this:

Key to the prep was selecting reading materials from my backlog which would provide both adequate entertainment and intellectual stimulation to keep the mind distracted from the proposition of being house bound for the next 24 hours thanks to the curfew Onslow county has placed in effect until Sunday at 0900. The PS3 controller is admittedly optimistic given the power fluctuation we've already seen but I can hope. A comfortable sweater because that's always a great addition to curling up with a good book. The food needs no explanation nor will I give one. And finally the iPod with a hurricane play list which looks something like this:

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