Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For:

Ha ha.....yep you guessed it......and as promised, I'm here to discuss "coning."
No item on the Dairy Queen menu is quite as mundane as the soft-serve ice cream cone.
……and yet it seems there is a movement to make this humble item far more entertaining.
I received my education on the fine art of “coning” last Tuesday via YouTube from an 11 year old.  …..an activity, which I was certain would quickly spark up my otherwise mundane day of babysitting said 11 year old and her two younger siblings, ages 9 & 7.
We selected the local shopping mall as our “coning” location of choice.  This prevented my car from turning into a sugary-sticky mess and allowed me to man (….or woman in my case) the camera instead of driving.
The kids were excited!
Here is the ensuing madness:

In the out-briefing for “coning,” the kids decided the ice cream was too “cold” to handle (spoken from the mouths of babes) and it was more fun to watch Justin Beiber “cone” on YouTube.
Have you “coned” yet?

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