Monday, August 22, 2011

A Post in Three Acts

Act 1:
Home Again, Home Again Jiggity-Jig:

As the title of act one might suggest I have in the past read the rhymes of Mother Goose. Also I'm back home in North Carolina having recently escaped the black hole that is Georgia. It's a well established fact that I am fond of the ordinary and mundane things in life and near the top of that list is sleeping in my own bed. I much as a like having an excuse to use my camping gear I much prefer said excuse to actually involve camping. Being home also means the return of a well established and entirely mundane routine which should result in a return to our regular schedule for mundane posts. I say should because if two days before the day after tomorrow Illegal Alien Vampire Nazi Zombie Robot Dinosaurs from the future invade all bets are off.

Act 2:
About Me:

I had mentioned previously that I might post the bio I wrote for my sisters wedding website if I didn't have anything more munde to discuss and while I do have much mundaneness to share with you I know how disappointed you would be if you didn't get the carrot I dangled before you. So here it is; the bio not a carrot. I don't have any carrots. But if you're hungry I do have cookies; delicious cookies. And I'm willing to share. Oh yeah the bio.

Where to begin? That's always the question I find hardest to answer when writing. Especially when I don't care for the subject. Which is not to say that I don't like me but rather that I don't like talking about me. I like to talk about what I do; what I enjoy; but not about me personally. So where to begin? The beginning seems like a logical place to start but that's a long story and simple linear progression in storytelling is so passé. We could start at the end and work our way back but where we are now isn't entirely relevant to the story we really want to tell. I could simply give you the statistics: Brian D. Parran, born April, 7 1984 in Bethesda, MD to James D. and Maureen G. Parran, 5'11 and 3/4", 175lbs, B.A. in Economics and Commerce, etc but that stuff is boring and really doesn't capture who I am and why we're here. I suppose we could start with when I was two and found out my parents were having a baby and I knew I was going to have a sister long before any test would say the same. Or how about one of my favorite adventures; where one of my best friends got lost flying us to the beach and then flew us through a thunderstorm. Or maybe the time when said friend clearly had a thing for said sister, and vice versa, but he took forever to finally ask her out and nearly drove me crazy in the interim when no one could say anything since neither party was admitting there was anything about which to talk. Well look at that. Here we are right where we wanted to arrive. At the part of the story where my friend not only worked up the nerve to ask my sister out but too marry him. And where she said yes. And where I get to participate in the ceremony marking a beautiful and blessed union that will bring two stories together into one.

Act 3:
Those Other Weekdays:

That's right I'm talking about Tuesday and Thursday. The most neglected days of the week here on the blog. Long ignored in favor of they're siblings Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Tuesday and Thursday were beginning to feel left out and that just didn't seem right. After all they have just as much mundane to offer as any other day so why should they suffer in ignominy. And so. Doers of deeds, champions of stuff, and stalwart defenders of something worth defending that we are; we decided to right this mostly harmless but not cool injustice. But just what journey to justice will we judiciously pursue? Tune in Tuesday to find out. New Bat time same Bat blog.

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