Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something, Something, Words

Lepidopteron, alapa, bitchy, trilinear, cauline, cryptovolcanic, perilous, ancient, significative, skulled, speculate, rum-dum, gula, propone, khoums, beeville, usward, idiograph, shipowner, loving, middletone, stamen, scraggly, hemin, litteratim, sinuosity, full-service, lime, audacity, tenuity, parenthesis, dertrum, rocket-propelled, kvass, newton, argumentative, iconoscope, selenite, assimilable, heptameter, shadowy, nontarget, nonfeasance, cameo, designed, tabletop, meatheaded, megajoule, shingon, feminism, appro, distingue, basaltware, genoa, biocontrol, forename, shank, bridging, pyrography, closefisted, accordatura, chuffle, junco, parishioner.

That is all. Well; until next time anyway. And yes there is a method to this madness. You might not think it but this is research for an art project. More on that to come. Next time I'll produce a less random and more intelligible selection of words for your reading pleasure.

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