Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer PSA

In light of the recent airing of Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week I thought I'd take this opportunity to warn you of other little known hazards of common summer activities.
Let's begin with ever popular picnic. While most think that getting rained out on a picnic is an inconvenience and at worst an annoyance the truth is that it can be so much worse as indicated by this story. A rain of bullets dipped in poison isn't what most people worry about when they plan their picnics which is exactly why these sudden showers are so dangerous.
During the so called lazy days of summer many people like to take a midday nap to escape the sweltering midday heat. But even in the comfort of your own bed danger lurks just beyond the edge. It sounds preposterous but take a look at this preview for Conan O'Brien's upcoming Falling Out Of Bed Week and you'll begin to understand just how real a danger you face. As Mr. O'Brien points out this comfortable killer is a much greater threat than any shark and thanks to the efforts of Mr. O'Brien and his staff the public can now be educated about this little known threat.
And last but certainly not least is the ever present threat of the fat guy in a Speedo. This particular horror poses little threat to the body but the psychological trauma can leave even the strongest mind scarred beyond recovery. The potential for such scarring is so great that we can't risk showing you an example of this phenomenon here, and who'd want to see it anyway, for fear of the harm we might do to our viewers. If you're planning on hitting the beach this summer pack your sunscreen and keep a good shrink on speed dial.

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