Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You Are Here

And there you are; isn't that nice. You looked a little lost but now you know where you are and we can get back to the business at hand. And please don't try to leave until the the end. You may be aware that we've recently added a Monk(e) to the crew here and yes she does fly. Please don't make me release her. As promised there have been some changes around the blog. A new face, so to speak, to familiarize yourself with but we promise not to let the changes lead to anything out of the ordinary. We would find that an anathema. We take our commitment to the ordinary, mundane, silly, and absurd very seriously. And while there may be no added fiber I assure you that all changes will help keep things regular. In addition to clarifying your spatial relationship with the rest of the universe, both known and unknown, the title of today's post is also the tentative title for a new piece of art I'm planning; tentatively. I'm actually considering a small scale attempt at the idea within the next 24 hours so you might actually get to see something of this piece next time I write. I'm afraid I've also been thinking, a dangerous pastime I know, of another photo project which I plan to begin tonight though I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to lay the ground work and complete the project. Today I took a little time to get out of here and head down there to do a little shopping. I'm trying to locate a decent pair of suspenders and a black bow-tie for my sister's wedding and unfortunately I didn't have any luck. An outcome I find disheartening considering that the shopping there is orders of magnitude better than the shopping here. I'm beginning to think that my interest in suspenders and bow-ties may have come several decades to late for this event. But I have not abandoned all hope. I still have nearly a month and it is the patient hunter who succeeds in bringing down his prey. Or they starve that happens too. Next time we'll be discussing a topic I haven't even revealed to myself. 'Cause I enjoy the suspense as much as anyone. So make sure that wherever you are you come from there; to here and see what's going down; or up depending on the topic.

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