Friday, September 30, 2011

The Times They Are A-Changin'

As Mr. Dylan says the times are changing and so is our blog. We have a shiny new domain and a new, ok updated, title. The domain will open up lots of new opportunities for us to expand the scope and scale of our notoriously mundane operations. The change to the title was really something that was a bit overdue seeing as how I've been sharing the space for some time now. And as my coauthor and I seem to have arrived at a more permanent kind of semipermanent arrangement for managing the blog it seemed only right to stop implying that this was somehow just my show. And while a part of me will miss the Monty Python homage; the new title is much more accurate and gives me an excuse to bury a new Monty Python reference somewhere around the blog. That's all from me tonight but stay tuned for much more average stuff in the near future.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I LIKE lists.
…..and since I am the author of most of said lists in my life, I am here by adding this to my list….
…..the TOP of the list I might add.



Flat: To Be Or Not To Be

That is the question. And we have the answer. A recent conversation resulted with the inescapable conclusion that flat is as a general rule a bad shape for the human brain. Which of course led to a discussion of the many other things which are best when they exist in a state other than flat. Several obvious examples include basketballs and balls of the soccer, football (American), and various other sporting varieties. Tires are also best when not flat; an observation based on extensive experimentation and field testing during the outing my coauthor recounted in her most recent post. And then there are those objects we view as best when flat as a pancake; which is itself a prime example of just such an object. Other objects are not so easily categorized as best flat or best not flat. For instance the earth. While it is commonly held that spherical is the best shape for our little blue planet I'm not so sure that the belief, in a flat earth, held by our predecessors is without merit. If nothing else it offered a much more exciting and imaginative view of what lay beyond the horizon and an incredible possibility for adventure. And who doesn't like a good adventure. Where once there were monsters and an abyss of the unknown; we're now just sailing in circles. So in the interest of science and because the fairy blog mother has indicated a desire for such tomfoolery as the earlier toast experiments, I will be conducting a series of tests to determine scientifically whether certain objects are best when flat or in some other more three dimensional state. So keep an eye out for that. And while we're on the subject I'm just going to say that eyes are best when not flat.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This weekend proved a particularly momentous occasion, not only because there was a wedding, but also on far more mundane fronts as said wedding made possible a reunion of the three colleagues responsible for the existence of this very blog.  Yes, Justin, the third musketeer was back in town for said wedding……and whilst it was an excellent time for us as we were able to meet his new fiancée Casey and catch up, the details of said reunion for you (the reader) would likely be as exciting as looking at someone else’s cruise pictures.  So, instead……for your reading pleasure…..I present the story “Mad Libs” style and a photograph of our feet “Old School Style.”  I assure you what this post lacks in historical accuracy will be made up for in hilarity. 

Once upon a time, the third musketeer, Justin, came back to town for Brian’s Uncle Heather’s Wedding.  It was a truly epic occasion, as Brian and Erin hadn’t seen Justin in over a fortnight and had not yet met his new fiancée Casey.  So, the day after the wedding, they hatched a plan to meet up and do some singing activities together.  First they went to Trolley Stop for some uplifting toast topped with Falafels and a side of waffles and then wandered next door to Cold Stone Creamery for a dish of potatoes topped with Donuts and Tofu.  The day was going particularly well and all were sewing and being entertained, mostly because Brian was rowing and throwing and Justin was telling stories of eradicating Tasmanian Devils from his newly purchased home, when all of a sudden, a monkey wrench punctured the tire on the car.  This was most likely because Justin was not wearing his lucky Recon shirt, yet despite the reason, it provoked instantaneous towing and gnashing of teeth by all.  …..but not for long, as Justin immediately drove to FAO Schwarz and purchased an Aviary, with which to patch the hole.  All in all, it was an exciting day and wonderful to catch up and although no one wanted to see it end, it had to as all had “real” lives to get back to living, so they bid each other Auf Wiedersehen, jumped in their dirigibles and went their separate ways.  THE END

Wedding Toast

Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. Or last Saturday as the case may be. And in this case it is. It's not everyday that one's, my, sister gets married which might make one, you, wonder if such a singular and extraordinary event is really a fitting subject matter for a venue dedicated to exalting the mundane and elevating the ordinary. But as is so often the case, there are an awful lot cases floating around here today, even the most unique and remarkable moments occur at the confluence of so many strands of the completely ordinary. And in that case, maybe I should hire a private investigator to look into these cases, there is certainly plenty of opportunity for transcribing one's, me again, experience of the mundane in light of that which is anything but. Which brings us to the case, or maybe I'll use these cases to pack for my trip next week, in point. A case, to bad their not bookcases I could use a few more of those, which happily includes our old friend toast. Because everything is better with breakfast food. It is common at weddings for the members of the bridal party, and may I just say that I was life of that party, to offer a toast to the bride and groom. Not the warm buttery kind but the kind comprised of words and well wishes which are nice I suppose but much harder to eat and not nearly as tasty. And this was the case, ok I've got nothing, at my sisters wedding. So after three rounds of lovely toasts of the worded variety I decided it was only appropriate that someone offer the happy couple an equally nice but much tastier, if somewhat less eloquent, toast. And thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can experience the magic of that moment for yourself here.

Next time we'll answer an age old question that has plagued mankind for centuries. A question the depth and implications of which confound modern science, defy reason, and divide families. Is flat good or bad?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Operation Monk(e) Mob: The Synopsis

There is something new going on here……..namely “Operation Monk(e) Mob.”  ….and as the title suggests, it’s been somewhat secretly executed and involves Monk(e)s. ………four Barrels of Monkeys to be exact.
…..but before I get to the good part, let me begin at the beginning: Over a two week period, after asking people “how they were doing?”……I noticed the responses kept beginning with “I’m just SOOOO busy…….(fill in blank here with activities involved in).”……and I’m busy too…….  ……but what if “busy” is taking us past the point where we are living to the fullest?……what if we’re missing what is *important* because we are “busy”?  I’m not saying that we aren’t involved in *good* things……but even too much of a good think can sink me…..and I presume you.   ….and so I hatched a plan to encourage people to pause, to laugh, and to view life differently….
It all started when I gifted one (1) Red Plastic Monkey to a friend of a friend.  The monkey has since taken up residency in Washington DC and I was emailed a photograph, which made me giggle.
This also inspired me to “gift” nearly 50 monkeys to nearly 50 different people.  It is taking on the form of a community photography project and I must say I’m excited to see where it goes.  I’ve attempted to include some faction of every social group in my life and here is a short list of the groups involved in alphabetical order:
Artists, Athletes, Brothers, Captains, Church Goers, Civilians, Colleagues, Confidants, Cousins, Dancers, Engineers, Facebookers, Girlfriends, Heathens, In-laws, Instructors, Land Lords, Land Lubbers, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Martini Drinkers, Military, Military Wives, Nerds, New Friends, Old Friends, Out-Laws, Painters, Photographers, Pilots, Relatives, Renters, Roommates, Runners, SCUBA Divers, Sculptors, Students, Swimmers, The Not So Young, The Young, Tri-Athletes, Woodworkers………and quite possible you. : )

*No live Monkeys were harmed during this operation.

Regularly Scheduled Program

As I may have mentioned my sister is getting married on Saturday. And as the wedding is taking place at our parents' home which is where I currently live, yeah I know not my preferred arrangement but you know what they say about beggars, things are what one might call "crazy" right now. Which significantly diminishes the volume of mundane source material for posting. This content void coupled with the fact that Friday is the rehearsal, final setup of the venue, and bachelor party makes it quite likely that this will be last you hear from me until Monday. I know you'll miss me but I'll only be gone one day and Monday I should have tons to tell; and maybe even something worth telling. Now if you'll excuse me I have about 15 more origami lilies to fold and I have to see a monkey about a picture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures with Earl E. Morning.....continued.....

I am most certainly thankful that instead of awaking to the “zombie apocalypse” Brian wished upon us all last night that I instead awoke to an otherwise healthily mundane dose of ordinary Tuesday…….albeit rather early…….which you will read about below in an open letter to my infamous colleague “Earl E. Morning.”
Dear Earl E. Morning:
I realize we’ve been spending a lot of time together, but please do not mistake this for me “liking” you.   I would, however, like to thank your associate 0630 for some stunning views of the moon over the last few weeks and further thank your colleague 0730 for some beautiful sunrises…….but I have yet to find a redeeming quality in 0430…….which has resulted in a mandatory 2130 bedtime and today a resultant 0230 wake-up for fear that I might sleep through my alarm clock…….after which, I spent the remaining two hours contemplating the art-work of Agnes Martin (true story….and more on her later), but what I really could have used was the sleep.  So, instead, armed with a bowl of cereal and a Red Bull, I plunged off into the darkness to ROW, ROW, ROW the BOAT (not so) GENTLEY DOWN THE STREAM (aka: Cape Fear River)……..I am however relieved to see that tomorrow you will not get your icy paws around me until a time that starts with a “7”…and with that I am satisfied.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday... Can't Trust That Day...

Short post today. It's one of those days where life isn't quite so mundane as I prefer and where I don't find the abnormality particularly amusing. My remedy for such days is simple. Listen to mood and thematically relevant music, several tracks from Panic! At The Disco's album Vices & Virtues have felt apropos, pray and then go to sleep hoping you wake to find zombies have overrun the earth rendering any earlier concerns irrelevant. The first two really help. I've yet to have that last one work out but tomorrow is a new day. On a more cheerful note I have tons of ideas for my co-author's Operation Monk(e) Mob and can't wait to see how that whole project turns out. And now in even more, in quantity not quality, cheerful news the season four premier of Castle begins in fifteen minutes on ABC, you should watch it, so I'm going to go loose the moat monsters, raise the drawbridge, lower the portcullis, and enjoy my favorite hour of television uninterrupted.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Windfall

Today is my favorite day of the year. The precise day varies from year to year; sometimes by months and it's rare for it to arrive before the official beginning of Fall. The day in question is the first day when the Summer weather gives way to temperatures that justify a pair of jeans. And today was that day. Yesterday temperatures were in the high 90s and today they barely broke 70. Not only were jeans the order of the day but I was able to comfortably sport a sweatshirt most of the day which was a pleasant bonus. And the best news is that while temps are supposed to go back up we shouldn't see 90 for the entire coming week. And I'm hoping we've seen the last of those temps for this year. Tomorrow's trip to Wilmington will hopefully include some outdoor dining. The change in climate also greatly improves the running experience. 90+ degree heat does little to encourage one to get out and go for a run. Now if only we could get one good freeze and be rid of the mosquitos things would be perfect. Mosquitos are like tiny little vampires and need to have tiny little stakes driven through their tiny little hearts. Or maybe I'll recruit an army of miniature lycanthropes to wage war on the vampiric horde.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Results Are In

This was beginning to seem like the day that never ends……and I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have time to sit and write tonight…..but alas….here I am.  Like everyone else, I’m busy……sometimes too busy, yet it is on the days when my busy-ness hits its highest marks that I most need to pause… reflect… play…..and most importantly pray.  Tonight, I reflect & play here at my keyboard.
___________________________________________ on with the show.....
I’m rather excited to announce my results from the “Less Than Scientific Social Experiment”
 It started by pondering the quote “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” from Thoreau’s “Walden Pond.”  READ ABOUT PREVIOUS PONDERINGS HERE.  ……and whilst there is little I can do about the “desperation” part of it, I’ve been chipping away at the “quiet” part.
I had observed verbal greetings between students passing each other on the sidewalks were rare.  This seemed empty……so, for a day, I verbally greeted each student I passed.…..then I stopped……back to the silence….which is where the Thoreau thing came in…….and subsequently this experiment.
I’m back to greeting all students all day, but for the sake of being *slightly* scientific and in an effort to control my “variables,”  I have only compiled statistics covering the same route, going to the same class, and using the same “greeting.”  My greeting of choice was “morning.”  …..primarily because this experiment took place prior to 1000 and therefore prior to “morning” becoming “good.”
I have discovered that 50% of students greeted responded with a verbal greeting in return.  Of that 50% approximately 60% returned the gesture with the same greeting offered to them, “morning.”  …..20% said “good morning.”  …..and the remaining 10% were more creative.*
*All statistics have been rounded for your viewing pleasure.
In other “greeting” news, the “Greet Team” at my church, LifePoint has new “uniforms.” 
See photo.....they seem apropos.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Where's My Hoverboard

Anyone who ever watched Back To the Future II, and if you haven't you should, has almost certainly wondered when they would be able to own a hoverboard. Sadly there are still no hoverboards but Nike is bringing us one step closer to the future promised in the film. And their supporting a great cause at the same time. Nike is making a limited run of one of the most iconic movie shoes ever; available at auction with all net proceeds benefiting Michael J. Fox's foundation for Parkinson's research. I give you the Nike Mag:

While the power laces won't be available until 2015 the introduction of the Nike Mag offers us a glimmer of hope that the future as seen from the 80's might be closer than we think. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I'll be riding my hoverboard soon. In the mean time I suppose I'll just have to stick to my trusty bike. Which hopefully I'll have back up and rolling again in the not too distant future. Say the future that is the past of the future where I have a hoverboard. Someone ran over the bike's rear wheel with their car and I am in need of a new rear axel. Fortunately the rest of the wheel seems to be unharmed and the axel should be an inexpensive fix. But seriously; this is why I need a hoverboard. Maybe NASA could work on that since they don't have the Space Shuttle to play with anymore. I'd also settle for a time traveling Delorean then I could go to the future and get a hoverboard now; or is it then. That's it for me tonight. I'll see you next time; in the future.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things Organized Neatly

I like to organize things.
What things you ask?
If it’s up to me and it usually is, *EVERY*things.
  …..which is largely why I like Venn Diagrams and partly what made this past weekend so delightful.  I like to think of life and friends and so on as a sort of Venn Diagram that overlaps here and there......sometimes I even draw them. Below is a diagram of “My Life” which I drew last summer, which still sums things up neatly.

…..but the one that really cracks me up is this one.
Let me explain:
As an art major, one of the things I’m responsible for doing is putting together a “cohesive” portfolio.  I have colleagues that paint landscapes or portraits or whatever.  I paint Fruit.  It started as a jest over my “distaste” (pun intended) for the bowl of plastic fruit that shows up in nearly every art classroom.  My rebuttal was to instead work from “real” fruit.  … expensive, albeit delicious endeavor.  Below is a sample of a few of my “fruit pieces.”

As I was finishing this series, my friend Kyle sent a quote to me from the “Skittles” fan-page on Facebook.
“When Life gives you Lemons, make abstract Lemon Art.  Life will never expect this.”
 I laughed! 
 …..and drew a Venn Diagram.
.....and hopefully *surprised* Life. : )
In other exciting.....errrr....I mean mundane organizational news, over the weekend I was gifted a set of tiny plastic gadgets that keep my socks together in the laundry.  This may seem like a "small" thing and they are indeed small in size, but for a regular wearer of Injinji's "Toe Socks" are proving indispensable.  No more matching right & left socks.....YEAH!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Eat A Cupcake and Other Things I've Been Ordered to do Today

Apparently it is imperative that I eat a cupcake. The cupcake which demands devouring was provided by one of the students from the Sunday school class I used to teach. It goes without saying that I was as cool as any teacher can hope to be and that my students actually liked me; as evidenced by receipt of the aforementioned cupcake. The consumption of which is not a matter I get any say in; not that I wouldn't want to eat the cupcake. I only wish that all the day's tasks were so pleasant. Not that work or any other aspect of the day was particularly painful. In fact the only way in which it was particular was no way at all. It was absolutely ordinary.
Speaking of the day's tasks; I failed to get in my run for the day. Not super excited about that and I'm contemplating trying to make up the miles on tomorrow's run. I thought I'd run in the evening rather than this morning as I'm much more a night person than a morning person but a thunderstorm ruled out a night run. So tomorrow despite my lack of affection for most hours that end in AM, specifically those hours which my watch refers to as 0200-1000, I'll be rolling out of bed early tomorrow to make sure that I get in a run before work. Then weather permitting I may go for a post work run to make up the miles I lost today.
All this talk about exercise is making me hungry. And as I have a cupcake I was ordered to consume; I see a simple solution to my hunger. So I'm going to go kill those birds with the one proverbial stone. And the best part is I won't need to remove my guidance chip; 2:58. Goodnight all and goodbye cupcake.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

When Did Blue Become A Flavor?

Orange has the privilege to proclaim itself color, fruit, and flavor. And everyone knows they should eat their greens but what's the deal with blue. I recently overheard a conversation where when asked which flavor popsicle they would like a person responded blue and the the person who had posed the question didn't find this response strange in the least. But the last time I checked there was no blue fruit nor a blue anything which could serve as the basis for this flavor. Now some might claim that the flavor blue is derived from the so called blue raspberry but frankly I find that preposterous. Despite what some may call it there is no raspberry which is anything near the shade of blue that graces these foods. And if I were to find such a raspberry I certainly wouldn't eat it as it would probably kill me. What I can't wait for is to see cyan move up from color to flavor.
The mirror is painted but disassembled. The wood holding the glass in the frame on the rear of the mirror was cracked so that needed to be repaired as well as getting the frame painted. This is one project that has taken a bit more time than I expected but I'm happy with the results so far. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to put the glass back it the frame and get this thing up on the wall.
The first day of getting back into my training for a big run went pretty well. I didn't have a particular plan for that session but I think that going forward I'll use the same training plan I used for my marathon training. But with an accelerated schedule as I can comfortably skip the fist few weeks were the schedule only calls for a mile or two a day. I don't want to kill myself but I think that at this point anything less than three miles would just be lazy and most days should be five plus. We'll see if I can stick to the schedule.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

…..or should I say Roller Blades, Trams, and Rowing Shells……which is really the truth.
Roller Blades as I’m now using them as my preferred method of transportation to and from class…….takes ½ the time of walking.
Trams as I’m now using them as my preferred method of transportation to and from class IN THE RAIN……takes 2x the time of walking.
……and Rowing Shells……which is why this post is about methods of transportation instead of about Venn Diagrams and Abstract Fruit Art, which is what I’d originally planned today.  …..but as I have made an impulsive decision to join the Rowing Crew at my university……2130 (9:30pm) has suddenly become “late.”  Practices begin tomorrow morning……which by the time you read this, will have been *this* morning at 0600 (6am)…….so I’m choosing sleep over verbose blogging…….which is the “ultimate” in mundane……but alas, is a MUST.
I’ve long considered only the portion of “morning” that happens *after* 1000 (10am) to be “good”…….which makes not only this rowing thing, but also my “Less Than Scientific Social Experiment” (mentioned in Tuesday’s post) a foray in a completely new direction for me.  I’m still collecting data for said experiment and it’s going quite well.  I should have some “findings” to report next week.
…….until then……Good Night……AND Good Morning.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Or not. The mirror project has turned into a much more time consuming venture than originally anticipated. Apparently none of the preferred methods for removing latex paint work well when said paint has been applied over a coat of wood varnish. So we're experimenting with alternate forms of paint removal. Which is to say lots of hand sanding. Since I have the option of sleeping in tomorrow I think I'm going to continue my efforts after completing this post. Tomorrow will, barring major catastrophe, mark the beginning of my training for my next great running adventure. This is going to be a lot of fun, at least that's what I'm telling myself, and it'll be by far the most ridiculous running endeavor I've attempted. Not sure yet how long I'm going to give myself for training; I suppose that will depend on how the training goes and whether or not I can find anyone else crazy enough to get on board with this. Whatever "this" is. I'll let you know how the training goes and what exactly we're training for come Friday. Now back to sanding.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Think; Therefore.....

Although it has yet to *feel* like fall, I am quite certain it is right around the corner as the “Fall” Semester of school is already underway by two weeks.  I am thankful my “Junior” standing has scored a parking space *on* campus……although a little miffed that it is on the opposite side from the Fine Arts building where I take 5 of my 6 classes.  I’m now counting the 4 miles of walking each day as part of my “workout plan.”  …..but more importantly it gives me much time to think.

I have been in love with the writings of both Thoreau and Emerson since late high school and often use snippets of their thoughts as jumping off places for my own.  My most recent jump has been with Thoreau......and his quote from Walden Pond.....
“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” 
This leads me to the following logical fallacy: There are two groups of people in this world.
a.) Those who live in "quiet desperation" - The larger group
b.) Those who do not do so "quietly" - The smaller group
Based on this.....I solidly fall into sub-category “b.”  …..and whilst at times uncomfortable, I’ve discovered that as I share my story, especially through my artwork, those in sub-category “a” all too often whisper in passing “me too.”
…..and I smile knowingly…..
I’ve realized it isn’t the discussion of larger social issues such as the national debt crisis, divorce, or disestablishmentarianism (all of which I’ve discussed in the last 24hrs – no, really…..I have.) that make my soul scream, “I’M ALIVE!!!!”…..but rather the seemingly simpler, more mundane things like the first green nub of a daffodil poking up in spring, a certain impromptu nap in a hammock on 9 October, 2009, a surprise note tucked into a kitchen cabinet, a piece of “real” mail in my mailbox, or the prayer led moments before a wedding by a woman who knows only too well the struggle marriage can be.  It is to these times my mind returns to gather the strength to “deal” with the other things…..the BIGGER things…..and through the lens of which I realize that the BIG things aren’t really all that BIG……and in the light of what I find *really* matters are quite comical.
I LOVE my “Mundane Adventures” (Oxymoron?)……and enjoy sharing them here……which brings me back to Thoreau and my long walk to class.  I’m not a quantitative researcher, a psychologist, or a sociologist.  I’m just a self-declared thinker of things and renegade artist…..but alas, I’ve decided to stage a less than scientific social experiment on my walk to class each morning and share the results here.
Stay tuned…..

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Yesterday featured a spur of the moment trip to Georgia, which as you know is one of my very favorite places, in order to pick up a washer and dryer my brother and his wife were giving our sister for her wedding. Despite the abject horror with which I view any foray in to that state the trip was pleasantly uneventful. The nausea and headaches which are normal symptoms of exposure to Georgia were kept at bay by remaining within 20 miles of the relative safety offered by the South Carolina border, I didn't die in a terrible car crash, and I managed to purchase something to give my sister as a wedding gift so the trip went as well as any trip to Georgia possibly could.
Today is of course Labor day which I am celebrating by participating in the aforementioned labor. I console myself with the fact that while I am at work the federal government is not. And any day they don't work is a day they can't make things worse than they already have and that really is cause to celebrate.
Unfortunately due to the impromptu trip to Georgia and the subsequent need to deliver the recently acquired washer and dryer to my sister's house I have yet to work on the mirror and so am lacking in before and after photos. Tomorrow is my day off this week so barring any major complications the mirror situation should be rectified by the end of the day.
And finally tomorrow marks the release of the first album by The Horrible Crowes which is a new project from Brian Fallon; the lead singer and songwriter from one of my favorite bands The Gaslight Anthem and Ian Perkins who is a long time guitar tech for Gaslight. Needless to say I will be picking that album up tomorrow. And iTunes is currently offering The Horrible Crowes single "Go Tell Everybody" free so you should check them out too.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Keep Folding, Folding, Folding

Got a cool vintage mirror at Goodwill this morning. Needs some touching up but it'll be nice once repainted. Already bought paint and sandpaper so we should have before and after pictures by Monday. In the mean time there's this:

Last night's project was getting these cut to the proper shape for origami. Tonight's project, and the project for the next several nights I suspect, will be to get them all folded. Then comes the task of mounting the origami for display. Still working on exactly how that's going to work but I've got a couple ideas so we'll see what ends up working out best.
In other, and completely unrelated, news the new season of Castle starts Monday September 19th. Which is basically the best thing which will happen on tv this year so I'm pretty stoked. Actually to be honest it's absolutely the best thing which will happen on tv this year and I'm totally stoked. It also bears noting that if the blog isn't written before the start of the show it will most likely be late. The blog not the show. The show will be on time the blog perhaps not.
In other slightly less unrelated news. That is news related by word association if not topic. I've always wanted a castle. But since castles tend to lack the amenities of which I am so fond I'm thinking this more modern fortification may be a better choice:

Now I just have to come up with whatever absurd sum they're asking for this thing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Post Brought to You by Progress Energy

.....which is also responsible for many, many other mundane things such as Hot Showers, Hair Blow Drying, and Morning Coffee (not mentioned in order of importance).
Electricity is one of those things that most of us live in obliviousness to, save in its absence.  … absence which aided by “Irene”, is none too unfamiliar to many along the eastern seaboard.  Thankfully, most of southern coastal North Carolina received little more damage than that which the “Big Bad Wolf” inflicted upon the 3rd Little Pig’s house.  …..just a few downed trees, resultant downed power-lines……and a general inability to go about securing coffee by the usual means. 
…..but unlike the Hot Shower, the Coffee had been considered.  The propane for the grill had been purchased, French press located, and cream preserved on a mountain of ice…….only to be stopped short by an electric coffee grinder.  Blast!  ……after a brief, but failed attempt to pulverize the beans in a Tibetan Singing Bowl (resembles a mortar & pestle, but makes a delightful sound similar to what you get from running your finger around the top of a crystal glass), I instead accepted a cold shower & jumped in my rocket-ship (car) to charge my phone, discovering the coffee shop within walking distance, not only had power, but also had delicious-freshly brewed coffee.
Normalcy resumed.