Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures with Earl E. Morning.....continued.....

I am most certainly thankful that instead of awaking to the “zombie apocalypse” Brian wished upon us all last night that I instead awoke to an otherwise healthily mundane dose of ordinary Tuesday…….albeit rather early…….which you will read about below in an open letter to my infamous colleague “Earl E. Morning.”
Dear Earl E. Morning:
I realize we’ve been spending a lot of time together, but please do not mistake this for me “liking” you.   I would, however, like to thank your associate 0630 for some stunning views of the moon over the last few weeks and further thank your colleague 0730 for some beautiful sunrises…….but I have yet to find a redeeming quality in 0430…….which has resulted in a mandatory 2130 bedtime and today a resultant 0230 wake-up for fear that I might sleep through my alarm clock…….after which, I spent the remaining two hours contemplating the art-work of Agnes Martin (true story….and more on her later), but what I really could have used was the sleep.  So, instead, armed with a bowl of cereal and a Red Bull, I plunged off into the darkness to ROW, ROW, ROW the BOAT (not so) GENTLEY DOWN THE STREAM (aka: Cape Fear River)……..I am however relieved to see that tomorrow you will not get your icy paws around me until a time that starts with a “7”…and with that I am satisfied.

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