Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Windfall

Today is my favorite day of the year. The precise day varies from year to year; sometimes by months and it's rare for it to arrive before the official beginning of Fall. The day in question is the first day when the Summer weather gives way to temperatures that justify a pair of jeans. And today was that day. Yesterday temperatures were in the high 90s and today they barely broke 70. Not only were jeans the order of the day but I was able to comfortably sport a sweatshirt most of the day which was a pleasant bonus. And the best news is that while temps are supposed to go back up we shouldn't see 90 for the entire coming week. And I'm hoping we've seen the last of those temps for this year. Tomorrow's trip to Wilmington will hopefully include some outdoor dining. The change in climate also greatly improves the running experience. 90+ degree heat does little to encourage one to get out and go for a run. Now if only we could get one good freeze and be rid of the mosquitos things would be perfect. Mosquitos are like tiny little vampires and need to have tiny little stakes driven through their tiny little hearts. Or maybe I'll recruit an army of miniature lycanthropes to wage war on the vampiric horde.

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