Monday, September 12, 2011

Eat A Cupcake and Other Things I've Been Ordered to do Today

Apparently it is imperative that I eat a cupcake. The cupcake which demands devouring was provided by one of the students from the Sunday school class I used to teach. It goes without saying that I was as cool as any teacher can hope to be and that my students actually liked me; as evidenced by receipt of the aforementioned cupcake. The consumption of which is not a matter I get any say in; not that I wouldn't want to eat the cupcake. I only wish that all the day's tasks were so pleasant. Not that work or any other aspect of the day was particularly painful. In fact the only way in which it was particular was no way at all. It was absolutely ordinary.
Speaking of the day's tasks; I failed to get in my run for the day. Not super excited about that and I'm contemplating trying to make up the miles on tomorrow's run. I thought I'd run in the evening rather than this morning as I'm much more a night person than a morning person but a thunderstorm ruled out a night run. So tomorrow despite my lack of affection for most hours that end in AM, specifically those hours which my watch refers to as 0200-1000, I'll be rolling out of bed early tomorrow to make sure that I get in a run before work. Then weather permitting I may go for a post work run to make up the miles I lost today.
All this talk about exercise is making me hungry. And as I have a cupcake I was ordered to consume; I see a simple solution to my hunger. So I'm going to go kill those birds with the one proverbial stone. And the best part is I won't need to remove my guidance chip; 2:58. Goodnight all and goodbye cupcake.

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