Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Think; Therefore.....

Although it has yet to *feel* like fall, I am quite certain it is right around the corner as the “Fall” Semester of school is already underway by two weeks.  I am thankful my “Junior” standing has scored a parking space *on* campus……although a little miffed that it is on the opposite side from the Fine Arts building where I take 5 of my 6 classes.  I’m now counting the 4 miles of walking each day as part of my “workout plan.”  …..but more importantly it gives me much time to think.

I have been in love with the writings of both Thoreau and Emerson since late high school and often use snippets of their thoughts as jumping off places for my own.  My most recent jump has been with Thoreau......and his quote from Walden Pond.....
“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” 
This leads me to the following logical fallacy: There are two groups of people in this world.
a.) Those who live in "quiet desperation" - The larger group
b.) Those who do not do so "quietly" - The smaller group
Based on this.....I solidly fall into sub-category “b.”  …..and whilst at times uncomfortable, I’ve discovered that as I share my story, especially through my artwork, those in sub-category “a” all too often whisper in passing “me too.”
…..and I smile knowingly…..
I’ve realized it isn’t the discussion of larger social issues such as the national debt crisis, divorce, or disestablishmentarianism (all of which I’ve discussed in the last 24hrs – no, really…..I have.) that make my soul scream, “I’M ALIVE!!!!”…..but rather the seemingly simpler, more mundane things like the first green nub of a daffodil poking up in spring, a certain impromptu nap in a hammock on 9 October, 2009, a surprise note tucked into a kitchen cabinet, a piece of “real” mail in my mailbox, or the prayer led moments before a wedding by a woman who knows only too well the struggle marriage can be.  It is to these times my mind returns to gather the strength to “deal” with the other things…..the BIGGER things…..and through the lens of which I realize that the BIG things aren’t really all that BIG……and in the light of what I find *really* matters are quite comical.
I LOVE my “Mundane Adventures” (Oxymoron?)……and enjoy sharing them here……which brings me back to Thoreau and my long walk to class.  I’m not a quantitative researcher, a psychologist, or a sociologist.  I’m just a self-declared thinker of things and renegade artist…..but alas, I’ve decided to stage a less than scientific social experiment on my walk to class each morning and share the results here.
Stay tuned…..

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