Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Yesterday featured a spur of the moment trip to Georgia, which as you know is one of my very favorite places, in order to pick up a washer and dryer my brother and his wife were giving our sister for her wedding. Despite the abject horror with which I view any foray in to that state the trip was pleasantly uneventful. The nausea and headaches which are normal symptoms of exposure to Georgia were kept at bay by remaining within 20 miles of the relative safety offered by the South Carolina border, I didn't die in a terrible car crash, and I managed to purchase something to give my sister as a wedding gift so the trip went as well as any trip to Georgia possibly could.
Today is of course Labor day which I am celebrating by participating in the aforementioned labor. I console myself with the fact that while I am at work the federal government is not. And any day they don't work is a day they can't make things worse than they already have and that really is cause to celebrate.
Unfortunately due to the impromptu trip to Georgia and the subsequent need to deliver the recently acquired washer and dryer to my sister's house I have yet to work on the mirror and so am lacking in before and after photos. Tomorrow is my day off this week so barring any major complications the mirror situation should be rectified by the end of the day.
And finally tomorrow marks the release of the first album by The Horrible Crowes which is a new project from Brian Fallon; the lead singer and songwriter from one of my favorite bands The Gaslight Anthem and Ian Perkins who is a long time guitar tech for Gaslight. Needless to say I will be picking that album up tomorrow. And iTunes is currently offering The Horrible Crowes single "Go Tell Everybody" free so you should check them out too.

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