Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday... Can't Trust That Day...

Short post today. It's one of those days where life isn't quite so mundane as I prefer and where I don't find the abnormality particularly amusing. My remedy for such days is simple. Listen to mood and thematically relevant music, several tracks from Panic! At The Disco's album Vices & Virtues have felt apropos, pray and then go to sleep hoping you wake to find zombies have overrun the earth rendering any earlier concerns irrelevant. The first two really help. I've yet to have that last one work out but tomorrow is a new day. On a more cheerful note I have tons of ideas for my co-author's Operation Monk(e) Mob and can't wait to see how that whole project turns out. And now in even more, in quantity not quality, cheerful news the season four premier of Castle begins in fifteen minutes on ABC, you should watch it, so I'm going to go loose the moat monsters, raise the drawbridge, lower the portcullis, and enjoy my favorite hour of television uninterrupted.

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