Thursday, September 22, 2011

Operation Monk(e) Mob: The Synopsis

There is something new going on here……..namely “Operation Monk(e) Mob.”  ….and as the title suggests, it’s been somewhat secretly executed and involves Monk(e)s. ………four Barrels of Monkeys to be exact.
…..but before I get to the good part, let me begin at the beginning: Over a two week period, after asking people “how they were doing?”……I noticed the responses kept beginning with “I’m just SOOOO busy…….(fill in blank here with activities involved in).”……and I’m busy too…….  ……but what if “busy” is taking us past the point where we are living to the fullest?……what if we’re missing what is *important* because we are “busy”?  I’m not saying that we aren’t involved in *good* things……but even too much of a good think can sink me…..and I presume you.   ….and so I hatched a plan to encourage people to pause, to laugh, and to view life differently….
It all started when I gifted one (1) Red Plastic Monkey to a friend of a friend.  The monkey has since taken up residency in Washington DC and I was emailed a photograph, which made me giggle.
This also inspired me to “gift” nearly 50 monkeys to nearly 50 different people.  It is taking on the form of a community photography project and I must say I’m excited to see where it goes.  I’ve attempted to include some faction of every social group in my life and here is a short list of the groups involved in alphabetical order:
Artists, Athletes, Brothers, Captains, Church Goers, Civilians, Colleagues, Confidants, Cousins, Dancers, Engineers, Facebookers, Girlfriends, Heathens, In-laws, Instructors, Land Lords, Land Lubbers, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Martini Drinkers, Military, Military Wives, Nerds, New Friends, Old Friends, Out-Laws, Painters, Photographers, Pilots, Relatives, Renters, Roommates, Runners, SCUBA Divers, Sculptors, Students, Swimmers, The Not So Young, The Young, Tri-Athletes, Woodworkers………and quite possible you. : )

*No live Monkeys were harmed during this operation.

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