Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Post Brought to You by Progress Energy

.....which is also responsible for many, many other mundane things such as Hot Showers, Hair Blow Drying, and Morning Coffee (not mentioned in order of importance).
Electricity is one of those things that most of us live in obliviousness to, save in its absence.  … absence which aided by “Irene”, is none too unfamiliar to many along the eastern seaboard.  Thankfully, most of southern coastal North Carolina received little more damage than that which the “Big Bad Wolf” inflicted upon the 3rd Little Pig’s house.  …..just a few downed trees, resultant downed power-lines……and a general inability to go about securing coffee by the usual means. 
…..but unlike the Hot Shower, the Coffee had been considered.  The propane for the grill had been purchased, French press located, and cream preserved on a mountain of ice…….only to be stopped short by an electric coffee grinder.  Blast!  ……after a brief, but failed attempt to pulverize the beans in a Tibetan Singing Bowl (resembles a mortar & pestle, but makes a delightful sound similar to what you get from running your finger around the top of a crystal glass), I instead accepted a cold shower & jumped in my rocket-ship (car) to charge my phone, discovering the coffee shop within walking distance, not only had power, but also had delicious-freshly brewed coffee.
Normalcy resumed.

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