Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Where's My Hoverboard

Anyone who ever watched Back To the Future II, and if you haven't you should, has almost certainly wondered when they would be able to own a hoverboard. Sadly there are still no hoverboards but Nike is bringing us one step closer to the future promised in the film. And their supporting a great cause at the same time. Nike is making a limited run of one of the most iconic movie shoes ever; available at auction with all net proceeds benefiting Michael J. Fox's foundation for Parkinson's research. I give you the Nike Mag:

While the power laces won't be available until 2015 the introduction of the Nike Mag offers us a glimmer of hope that the future as seen from the 80's might be closer than we think. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I'll be riding my hoverboard soon. In the mean time I suppose I'll just have to stick to my trusty bike. Which hopefully I'll have back up and rolling again in the not too distant future. Say the future that is the past of the future where I have a hoverboard. Someone ran over the bike's rear wheel with their car and I am in need of a new rear axel. Fortunately the rest of the wheel seems to be unharmed and the axel should be an inexpensive fix. But seriously; this is why I need a hoverboard. Maybe NASA could work on that since they don't have the Space Shuttle to play with anymore. I'd also settle for a time traveling Delorean then I could go to the future and get a hoverboard now; or is it then. That's it for me tonight. I'll see you next time; in the future.

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