Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things Organized Neatly

I like to organize things.
What things you ask?
If it’s up to me and it usually is, *EVERY*things.
  …..which is largely why I like Venn Diagrams and partly what made this past weekend so delightful.  I like to think of life and friends and so on as a sort of Venn Diagram that overlaps here and there......sometimes I even draw them. Below is a diagram of “My Life” which I drew last summer, which still sums things up neatly.

…..but the one that really cracks me up is this one.
Let me explain:
As an art major, one of the things I’m responsible for doing is putting together a “cohesive” portfolio.  I have colleagues that paint landscapes or portraits or whatever.  I paint Fruit.  It started as a jest over my “distaste” (pun intended) for the bowl of plastic fruit that shows up in nearly every art classroom.  My rebuttal was to instead work from “real” fruit.  …..an expensive, albeit delicious endeavor.  Below is a sample of a few of my “fruit pieces.”

As I was finishing this series, my friend Kyle sent a quote to me from the “Skittles” fan-page on Facebook.
“When Life gives you Lemons, make abstract Lemon Art.  Life will never expect this.”
 I laughed! 
 …..and drew a Venn Diagram.
.....and hopefully *surprised* Life. : )
In other exciting.....errrr....I mean mundane organizational news, over the weekend I was gifted a set of tiny plastic gadgets that keep my socks together in the laundry.  This may seem like a "small" thing and they are indeed small in size, but for a regular wearer of Injinji's "Toe Socks" are proving indispensable.  No more matching right & left socks.....YEAH!!

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