Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This weekend proved a particularly momentous occasion, not only because there was a wedding, but also on far more mundane fronts as said wedding made possible a reunion of the three colleagues responsible for the existence of this very blog.  Yes, Justin, the third musketeer was back in town for said wedding……and whilst it was an excellent time for us as we were able to meet his new fiancée Casey and catch up, the details of said reunion for you (the reader) would likely be as exciting as looking at someone else’s cruise pictures.  So, instead……for your reading pleasure…..I present the story “Mad Libs” style and a photograph of our feet “Old School Style.”  I assure you what this post lacks in historical accuracy will be made up for in hilarity. 

Once upon a time, the third musketeer, Justin, came back to town for Brian’s Uncle Heather’s Wedding.  It was a truly epic occasion, as Brian and Erin hadn’t seen Justin in over a fortnight and had not yet met his new fiancée Casey.  So, the day after the wedding, they hatched a plan to meet up and do some singing activities together.  First they went to Trolley Stop for some uplifting toast topped with Falafels and a side of waffles and then wandered next door to Cold Stone Creamery for a dish of potatoes topped with Donuts and Tofu.  The day was going particularly well and all were sewing and being entertained, mostly because Brian was rowing and throwing and Justin was telling stories of eradicating Tasmanian Devils from his newly purchased home, when all of a sudden, a monkey wrench punctured the tire on the car.  This was most likely because Justin was not wearing his lucky Recon shirt, yet despite the reason, it provoked instantaneous towing and gnashing of teeth by all.  …..but not for long, as Justin immediately drove to FAO Schwarz and purchased an Aviary, with which to patch the hole.  All in all, it was an exciting day and wonderful to catch up and although no one wanted to see it end, it had to as all had “real” lives to get back to living, so they bid each other Auf Wiedersehen, jumped in their dirigibles and went their separate ways.  THE END

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