Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feel The Power... Or Not.

My compatriot's recent experience with the dark is something I've been able to relate with quite well for the past two nights. Now I know what you're thinking; and yes toast is delicious but that really isn't relevant. I am of course aware that night has a particular and persistent relationship with the dark. But this is the 21st century and light is something that bends to our will; a force we command as if we were a medieval wizard. Unless the power goes out. Then our attempts to command the elements make us look more the court jester than a wizard. The past two nights we've experienced a series of power outages which left us completely in the dark despite our normal command of the photon. Ordinarily this would be only a minor inconvenience as I am in possession of several flashlights; however it is suprisingly difficult to locate said lights at 3am in a pitch black room. If only I'd had a light.

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