Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Git'n 'er Done

“Inaction” is action……and maybe the least common of all.
In a world that demands we take ACTION we rise to all occasions.  ……Get Up. Do Dishes. Drive to Work.  Buy Groceries.  Make Dinner.  Return Calls.  Check Email. Do Laundry. Mow Lawn. Watch News.  Check Stats.  Invest.  Read. Write.  Buy Creamer.  Deposit Checks.  Call Mother.  Journal.  Attend Church.  Make Lists. Clean House. Wash Car. Change Oil.  Dump Trash.  Check Mailbox.  Sweep Porch.  Make Reservations.  Send Birthday Card.  Wash Sheets. Blog.  Send Text.  Get Gas. Cancel Reservations.  Pay Bills.  Order Checks.  Replace Light Bulb.  Get Hair Cut.  Pick Up Dry Cleaning.  Renew Membership.  Buy Book.  Make Breakfast.  Pack Lunch.  Fix Leak.  Order Coffee.  Recycle.  Rake Leaves.  Water Plants.  Submit Assignment.  Make Presentation.  Proof Read…….and DON’T FORGET TO FLOSS…….then REPEAT. 
If being busy were an Olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal.
May the silly little MONK(e) remind us to LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE…..and take a break more often.
Today, I present “Work Monk(e)”

*Thank you* for photos to Beth, Don, Kimmy, & Sean. : )

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