Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh, you meant get with my rowing "pair"....not pears?......AWKWARD!!

As Brian pointed out last night, seeing things in a "different light" is the bottom line to what we do around here....and I'm intrigued to see what type of "light" we will be seeing things in later this week, but whilst we're on the subject of light, we're getting to the part in the semester where my photography class will be discussing light.....or more specifically lighting.....which has much to do with photography.  Light is one of those things we kind of take for granted, like parking lots.  I mean seriously, parking lots are totally underrated until you get to someplace like New York City.....and then they're invaluable, kind of like lights.  I take for granted that the sun will rise and when I flip a switch, light bulbs will work and if either of those fail, I can always download "flashlight app" or "Zippo app" (seriously, there is one) for my iPhone or better yet, I could just ask Siri to do that for me.....but what Siri isn't particularly good at is setting up lighting for Still-Life Photography, which is the type of lighting I've been working.  Below are the results of my lighting experiments.....and a mess of my crewing cohorts that I have been spending many a morning with on the river. 

.....and these are the cats I've been spending all those early mornings with.

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