Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Practice Kindness" - Words of Wisdom from Sidewalk Socrates

I have been both amused and bemused by the words of wisdom that crop up intermittently on sidewalks around the campus of my university.  ....which is to say, it has both pleasantly held my attention and bewildered me.  Although the finger has been pointed to me, I can assure you I am not the chalk ninja.....but it has crossed my mind to find a piece and personally thank this person.

Now for a little news on the Monk(e) front.  Whilst photos of the previously sent Monk(e)s are still rolling in, I am pleased to announce the release of another 41 "Flying Monk(e)s."  They flew as of yesterday and should be making their way to their destinations today and throughout this week.

.....and whilst this is "exciting" news, I've been a bit bewildered by the scarcity of orange tissue paper, and particularly the slightly yellowy-orange color that I have become accustomed to using.  I have instead settled for "safety orange" tissue paper and this fuzzy pair of purple socks.

....and now I must sign off as I need sleep before I head back out to the "merry little stream" at )$%# o'clock.

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