Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seriously Strange

It seems entirely inappropriate to sit here and simply engage in jest and frivolity on a device, my iPad 2, built under the visionary eye of a man who changed the face of computing and technology as we know them when that man has just passed away. So RIP Steve Jobs this post is for you.

On a related but less unhappy note Apple has announced the release of the iPhone 4S later this month. While my desperate desire for a new phone, mine has been dying a slow and painful death, had me hoping to see the iPhone 5 this year I think I'm going to spring for the 4S rather than wait another year.

In more uplifting news the price of gas is down about ten cents since the last time I filled my car. I don't expect we'll ever see I the kinds of prices I remember enjoying when I first began driving but it's nice to see the price go down rather than up.

Speaking of ups and downs I've been having that exact experience while experimenting with The nature of flat. Some of the objects are proving difficult to flatten or to make less flat. But I've got a few ideas left and hopefully I'll be able to compile the results by Monday.

And because no trip to our blog would be complete without some thing completely ridiculous I have a link to share. Allow me to preface this with the following information. There is a comet known as Elenin passing through our solar system. As is often the case when there is a cosmic event of any kind the conspiracy and survival nuts are all over this one. But according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) the comet poses no threat to earth. And while the comet is cool and then conspiracy blogs were amusing I found one page that was just too strange and amusing, if not really related to the topic I had been searching, to not share. So without further ado I give you... Whatever this is.

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