Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Words, Weddings, Wool: Or Things That Make Me Smile

Alliteration as always allows an avenue arriving at amusement.

Also amusing was that the predictive text program on my iPad came up with thongs before things when I misspelled the title of this post.

We've got one wedding in the rear view mirror and another caught in the headlights. Now that my sister's wedding is over I'm looking forward to my friend Ben's wedding. I've known Ben for most of my life and nearly as long as I can remember which is about 22 years and he's more like family than a friend. Not only is this an exciting event in general, especially considering that his fiancée is a very cool gal, but this will be my first time seeing Ben since the Air Force deployed him to Afghanistan and it'll be good to catch up. The fact that the trip means three days off of work doesn't hurt either.

And lastly it's actually cool enough to wear a pair of my favorite wool socks. They're not necessary at any level; it hasn't gotten anywhere near that cold yet but I'm not one to miss a chance to wear a favorite pair of socks. We'll speak more of socks later this week I'm thinking.

And now more lastly than the last lastly the quest to determine whether certain objects should be flat or not continues and the promised conclusions, assumptions, assertions and absurdities will be forthcoming shortly.

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