Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Different Light Continued

Sorry for the lack of postage on Friday I keep forgetting that the post office has raised their rates. Also I actually had an invite to a social event with actual people in my peer group which happens only every other second Monday in the first week of Febtober so I try to take those opportunities when they arise; but enough about my pathetic social life. And even if my social life, or lack there of, didn't dictate taking every opportunity to spend time with friends we at the extraordinarily mundane life encourage social interaction as a general rule as we find life is best when shared. Now back to the promised topic. This is what it looked like before I got started.

If you aren't sure exactly what this project or projects is or where it's going that's okay I'm not all that sure either. What I do know is that after a little while it looked more like this.

That's a candle in that pot; more specifically it's the red candle you can see in the first photo. Or what's left of it anyway. The rest of the candle was melted down and is now inside of an old lightbulb. Which can be seen cooling in the second picture. I'll have a better shot of that once it's cooled and I can get it cleaned up. I also threw these together.

Yes that is a giant origami flower perched atop a pile of survival bracelets. No I don't find that strange. Preparing for the end of the world is no reason not to relax by folding paper into aesthetically pleasing shapes. I'm actually thinking about how to go about combining origami with my hollowed out light bulbs. We'll see what I come up with.

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