Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I believe!!

…..in many things, but Santa Claus never *really* was one of them…….although “pretending” made for a fun game of make-believe as a kid.
 Here are a few of the things I do believe (not alphabetized): 
I believe in love…..the kind that *really* never quite gives up.  I believe in miracles…..the kind that can happen on any street and often does.  I believe in people…..because without them it would be a lonely world.  I believe artists were sent to speak to those who must “see to believe.”  I believe in second chances, and third chances…..well really as many chances as it takes.  I believe beauty isn’t found in “beautiful” things, but rather by going through difficult times and finding the silver lining.  I believe life is taken far too seriously.  I believe in playful humor.  I believe in laughing at myself….and letting others laugh along too.  I believe in the power of a letter….a *real* heart-felt letter….and even more if it’s the kind with a stamp on it.  I believe God can change lives…..and believe THAT is change you can believe in too.  I believe Christians are the poorest advertising for Christianity.  I believe we are all masters of our own destiny.  I believe my life is an epic adventure. 
I believe in forgiveness and grace and I believe in the GOD that authored both.  …..and it is HIS story of grace, love, forgiveness, and reconciliation that begins with CHRISTMAS…..so let’s get this crazy season cranking.  
I also believe my neighbors are some of "those" people Brian mentioned that are trying to hail the mothership with their holiday themed galactic lighthouse.....but I'll let you decide.

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