Wednesday, November 9, 2011

People Be Crazy...

Which often results in all manner of painfully stupid and stupidly painful moments. But on occasion the insanity results in such truly epic moments as this...

That's not photoshop. That is surfer Garrett McNamara riding the largest wave ever surfed. I personally have no idea what makes a person wake up in the morning and decide to attempt to ride a 7ft long piece of fiberglass and foam across the face of a 90ft wave but it is awesome.

Also awesome, but on a more fittingly mundane level, is the opening of a new 2nd & Charles used bookstore here in Jacksonville. I find few things as exciting as books and having a massive new source of bargain priced reading material is akin to discovering an untapped oil field in your backyard. Okay maybe it isn't that great but a new bookshelf is much less intrusive than an oil pipeline.

Speaking of bookshelves at my sisters request I'm looking at building a bookshelf for her new home based on some designs she found online and if all goes well I may be building some for myself as well as they are some of the most interesting and visually striking bookshelves I've ever seen. More on that when I actually have something to show.

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