Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poetry Corner

On occasion things pop in to my head and I feel the need to write them down; largely because that popping noise starts to get old after a while. Often these things seem completely random and for the life of me I couldn't tell you what caused them to suddenly appear unannounced. Bt there they are placed upon paper often never to be seen by any other soul. But since I've begun writting this blog it seems somewhat wasteful not to utilize some of these random bits of prose. So since todays work schedule demands that I forgo a lengthier post until the end of the day I offer you this very short poem I wrote a few weeks back entitled: "The Jester".

I dance and prance before the king with song and trick
By word and wit and pray he's ever pleased
Lest I should face a harsher fate than e'er his enemies.

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