Thursday, November 24, 2011

Silly Stuff & Other Things I'm Thankful for......

I am thankful for soooo many things, but here are just a few….in alphabetical order:
Airplanes, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Parfaits, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Church, Clean Sheets, Clean Slates, Clean Water, Family, Friends, Friends of Friends that become my Friends too, Fuzzy Socks, Girlfriends, Growth, Honesty, Legos, Life, Martinis with Olives, Monkeys, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, New Friends, Old Friends, Paint Brushes, Photographs, Polka Dots, Red Bull, Second Chances, Silly Stuff, Simplicity, Table Saws, The Book of Esther, This Blog, Vibram Five Fingers, Wish Bones, Yellow Paint,  and You.
…..but most importantly of all, I’m thankful for a GOD that weaves all of these things into the most epic adventure ever, MY LIFE.

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