Friday, November 25, 2011

Zen And The Art Of Black Friday

As the title may imply I did not participate in this years "buy nothing day" which is really as much of an overreaction as the phenomenon it is intended to counter. And while I've already pointed ut that camping out at Best Buy a week before Thanksgiving borders on lunacy and is well into stupid's zip code I don't really understand the need to refuse to buy anything on Black Friday. I can appreciate the desire to not get caught up in the consume or die madness that seems to overtake so many midnight shoppers but if you can't manage to go shopping on Black Friday without losing it I think the problem probably lies with you. Instead I choose to approach this day as exactly what it is... Friday. As in the day after Thursday and right before Saturday. So this morning I slept until a reasonable hour woke up and did a little shopping. First to Target for some deodorant and mouth wash. I think we can all agree it's best if I don't stink.n And then over to a Black Friday sale most seemed to have overlooked in their 42" flat screen frenzy. The new used bookstore in town, the store is new the books are used, had buy one get one free books from 8am until noon. And while I don't embrace the madness I can certainly appreciate a good deal. So I traded in some old books and stocked up on some new reading material. And for those who think books are old fashioned and that I should have gotten the flat screen instead let me remind you that books were flat long before TVs. Books are like the kids who liked that band before they got famous. Setting the trends not following. Anyway... I walked away with over six hundred dollars worth of books and spent less than fifty. All on books I had already planned to pick up at some point when the budget allowed; which, thanks to the sale, was today. And that is the key to Black Friday. Treat it like any other day. Don't go crazy and don't buy what isn't in your budget. The fact that a flat screen TV is only two hundred dollars does not by extension mean that you need one; especially if the transaction requires you send a dozen people to the infirmary. And on the other hand don't pass on buying something just to make a point. If you've the luxury of indulging in such silly ideals then I'm sure you're dressed and fed so we all know you buy things. Don't be snob. If it's on sale and you're just going to end up buying it next week anyway then go ahead and see if the crazies left any on the shelf and get it while it's on sale if possible.

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