Wednesday, December 28, 2011

He Said; She Said; Me Said; I Said What?

He: That went right over your head didn't it?

She: No; it didn't go over my head. I just didn't understand what you said.

Me: Isn't that the definition of over your head.

He: Yeah...

The preceding was an actual conversation that took place at work yesterday. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction but more often truth is funnier than fiction. You know what else is stranger than fiction aye-ayes. They kinda weird me out. I mean look at this thing.

And that's how they're supposed to look. How bizarre, how bizarre...
Also bizarre is the fact that my mind just jumped from Daubentonia madagascariensis to 90's pop hits.

All this is very amusing, at least I think it is, of course there's a very real possibility that I find this amusing because I've only had 15 total hours of sleep in the past 4 days. The rest of you may be reading this wondering why I even wrote it. Of course you likely wonder that anytime you read what I write. But as I was saying; all very amusing but it's time for me to go.

Next time pictures of the my Christmas decorations. We've put something of a different spin on "deck the halls" this year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Interstellar Species

I often think that my mind is odd to an extent that surpasses the level of oddity displayed by my friends and by most of the general population. After all I know few people with such a deep and abiding fascination with toast and none of my friends has ever begun a blog simply for the sake of voicing whatever oddities happen to be passing through their mind at the moment. Peer pressure may also have played into the creation of the blog but that really isn't the point. The point is that finding the odd and absurd in the decidedly normal is something that seems to appeal to me more than most. But every so often one of my friends will present something that comes from so far out of left field that even I'm not sure what to make of its arrival. The great and mighty "Cosmic Possum" is one such thing. It should be noted that the great and mighty nature of the Cosmic Possum is purely assumption on my part. The originator of the Cosmic Possum made no such claims about the possum; the assumption about it's nature is based entirely on my experience that all things "cosmic" are by extension great and mighty. And yes; by personal experience I do mean what I've read in comic books. The only thing that can be said of he possum with any certainty is that it is. There is no rhyme nor reason to its existence and it needs neither to justify its place in the universe. If indeed he belongs to this universe at all. But from where, you may be wondering, did the Cosmic Possum come. In short no one knows. The possum's existence was first realized some months ago in the early morning hours when my friend woke his wife with only these two words, "Cosmic Possum". An occurrence she found less than pleasing. I suspect that her mind, still muddled with sleep, failed to grasp the momentous nature of that moment. For had she realized what was before her she would certainly have been as awed and inspired as was her husband. I know that when he greeted me later that day with the same two words I was all but overwhelmed, and more than a little confused. But back to the possum. Perhaps the possum did not exist until that very moment, his existence inextricably linked to be moment of discovery. Or perhaps he has existed since time immemorial simply waiting to be revealed. I don't suppose it much matters. That the possum exists and that he entertains is the truly important thing here. So until next we meet may the mystery of the interstellar marsupial amaze and amuse you and yours as it has me and mine.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It’s hard to sweat the small stuff when it’s cold outside

….okay, so not *that* cold. 
I intended to do a short tutorial on “How to Stay Warm in the Frigid North” today; however, the weather gods have blessed me with 50 degree weather in Pittsburgh!! 
Therefore, discussing down vests, hand-knit scarves, ice scrapers, new leather boots, and smart phone appropriate gloves seems, well........un-necessary. 
…..and so instead, I present to you: THE SMALL STUFF.
      1.) LEEK soup: My mother made her own version of this Irish favorite this evening.  ….not to be confused with LEAK soup, which aided by a cracked piece of Tupperware, I had two weeks ago.
 2.)  Hall Decking, Gay Apparel, and Fa-La-La-La-La-ing:  With the help of a couple of monk(e)s, I have provided a photo of said “Hall Decking.”  I have also expanded my “Gay Apparel” collection with a pair of red boots and “jeggings” (I learn something new every day).  ……and of course there has been much enjoyment of the Christmas music.

3.)   Tomorrow, I will be going to New York!! 
Before you blow your “non-Mundane” whistle, please note that I will be traveling to upstate New York and not “The Big Apple.”  We’re talking Maple Syrup and Holstein country, not designer pocketbooks, and purse dogs.  ….just say’n. 
See Ya’ll on the flipside.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


After two weeks of being exiled to the library, I am on vacation!!
Vacations are typically too exciting to be reported upon here at the “Extraordinarily Mundane Life”; however, I’m taking exception to this as I am vacationing in PITTSBURGH.  Yep, The Buckle of the Rust Belt…..although the city itself lacks luster, vacationing with my family is anything but “boring.” 
I realize Christmas has taken center-stage now for quite some time and will invariably come back up over the next week, but today, I would instead like to draw your attention to another holiday: BIRTHDAYS!
My little brother’s birthday (he turned 28) was in November.  So why am I bringing this up now you ask?  .....well his “Birthday Season” was extended until mid-December when I able to deliver his birthday gift by hand.  This year’s birthday gift was a 24 page hand-made card done MAD LIB’s style.  Sure it was a little bit of a throw-back to third grade English homework, but knowing verb tenses these days in practically a superpower.  …..and it was there that our stand in hero “Smelly Pointy Fighting Muskie” was born, saved the day, and was awarded for his deeds.
Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deck The Halls...

My Christmas preparations are well under way with the total number of presents still in need of purchasing numbering only one, which makes me Christmas morning happy, and decorations taking shape I'm beginning to feel positively festive. As a result and in keeping with the theme of trying something new I've decided to send Christmas cards ths year. I know; less than two weeks out; some may not make to their final destinations it in time especially since I've decided to make them from scratch. But I've got a great, if do say so myself, and unique, I think, idea for some cards that are a little different and completely in keeping with the spirit of this blog. This first year will be something of a trial run with only a limited number of card going out due in large part to the time constraints I find myself facing. If only I'd had this idea two weeks ago... Oh well. I'll have pictures of the decorations I'm working on in the next few days but the cards will have to wait until Christmas day as I don't want to ruin the surprise. If you don't get one in the mail be sure to check back here on Christmas for your card. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go check my eyelids for leaks.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Morning Happy

Christmas shopping has officially begun and whilst I’m not really that over joyed about the process, I really enjoy seeing all the smiles on Christmas morning. 

 ….but seriously, why should “Christmas Morning Happy” be relegated to only Christmas Morning?   

For me, there are many things throughout the year that make me “Christmas Morning Happy.”  This week, such experiences include:
Purchasing a fun new pair of shoes at a serious discount.
Discovering $2 in the pocket of a jacket I haven’t worn since last Christmas.
Being gifted a wreath by a neighbor.
…….and lastly (but not leastly) BRIAN’s Christmas Tree (see yesterday's post), which is most excellent!! 

What makes you happy?

'Tis Season

With Thanksgiving safely behind and Christmas rapidly approaching the time for festive decorations is upon us. In the intrest of protecting humanity from extraterrestrial invaders I've decided to stick to stick with indoor decorations. To start this year off I have, for the first time, purchased my own tree. I went with a fake, some say simulated but let's be honset here, tree as I don't currently have the time to worry about maintaining a real tree. As tiny fake trees go it isn't bad and I'm not going to complain about a prelit tree which cost less than ten dollars. I finished decorating the tree, for now, this afternoon and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Take a look...

I'll be doing some additional decorating over the course of the next few days so stay tuned for even more of our unique take on holiday preparations.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ceiling Wax...

Is what I will soon be gazing upon as I head to bed after a day thoroughly enjoyed. Well not ceiling wax really... Actually just a ceiling... No wax.

Went shopping with my sister and our friend Sarah. I spent just under 30 dollars and walked away with a vintage camera tripod, a sweet little lamp from the 50's or 60's and two sets of encyclopedias. Not sure what I'm going to do with the tripod right now but maybe I'll use it as an excuse to buy a camera in the near future. The lamp will be gracing my desk as soon as I get it clean. And the encyclopedias are destined to become a set of lamps as soon as my work schedule allows. Which may mean the end of next week since I'm scheduled 16 hours a day for the next three days and then I'm going to need a day or so to recover before I start playing with electricity. The ridiculous hours are the result of my trying yet another new experience. Working at Walmart... That's right I now have a second job working overnight stocking for Wally World. Not super excited about the hours or losing that much sleep but the good news is I'll be out from under my student loans in no time. And sleep deprivation makes my writing ever so interesting. So you can look forward to that... You can also look forward to the return of the fan favorite "toast" sometime in the very near future as he has been sadly absent in recent posts and I miss him... So sad... Also sad is how badly I'm abusing the ellipses... So very, very sad...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nice Guys Don't Wear White Belts

Dear “Nice Guy:”
I keep hearing about you.  You have “Good Manners"…..which is nice, but being a “Nice Guy” with “Good Manners” has gotten to be passé.  You’re a dime a dozen and your “polite” conversation is boring.  I realize as women we often fall for the “Bad Boy” and this is a mistake, but what we’re looking for is a daring adventure.  ……and we’d be far happier going on it with YOU.  We’re glad you went to “man school” and love the fact that you can flawlessly grill meat, back trailers up with precision, and chop down trees with a single swing of your chain saw.  I’ll even award double points of those of you who can gracefully carve a turkey at the table, pick out a diamond engagement ring on your own, and order a bottle of wine in a restaurant……but we still want more.   Here are a few of the things we’d like:
Get REAL with GOD.  Few things are sexier than a man that fully embraces faith.  Faith is inherently vulnerable……but we also realize it takes WAAAY more strength to be vulnerable.  We admire that.
Be a valiant warrior.  Winning our hearts is only the beginning…..but if you can do that, you can do ANYTHING!  …..and you don’t even need to know which end of a machete is the business end.  We’d be happy if you’d start by waging war on the “statistical norm.” 
Quit settling for *Average* White Male (….or whatever color you are).  Not because we aren’t okay with you being average…..but we aren’t into “settling” and don’t want you to be either.   If you’re already average, we believe you can do better…..start your journey, we’ll back you up the WHOLE way.
Talk to us.  There is no need for you to fear confrontation.  We all have a pair of “Big Girl Panties” and are a happy to use them.
…..and this list could go on, but you get the point.  WE BELIEVE YOU WERE MADE FOR SOOOO MUCH MORE…..there is nothing to fear that GOD can’t handle. Come find us.
“The One”
PS – Oh, and please don’t wear white belts…..or white accessories of any kind.  As the British would say, “It’s for the birds.”
…..and now back to dreaming about the hour when I get to employ my favorite word that uses excessive “Z’s.”
Night Ya’ll!

Monday, December 5, 2011

That Which Is Other

The time has come the walrus said; to talk of other things; of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings... Or we could just discuss the psychological implications of conversating with a walrus. But maybe; just maybe the walrus was onto something. While we here celebrate the mundane we aren't at all opposed to other things. Which is not to say that we aren't opposed to anything. I am opposed to the use of any slang which requires more z's than would be available in a game of Scrabble and my coauthor is opposed to men wearing white belts... What I do not oppose is the occasional break from my comfort zone. To that end and because I often find that new and exciting things give me an even greater appreciation for the old and mundane I have decided to make a point of seeking out and experiencing these other things. Sunday I ate frog legs. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yep, Final’s Week CRAZINESS is in full swing, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.  I’m basically up to my elbows in research on marginal art, the origin of the Riace Warriors, sleep deprivation exercises, and caffeine……but of course knowing that my state of consciousness…..or rather unconsciousness is probably the same as the rest of my college compadres, one of my colleagues and I are hatching a plan to provide love, hope, and peace among other things to those in need during this CRAZY busy time of year.  More on this project Tuesday.

Art Appreciation

Today is this week's art appreciation day.  Which is not to say that that I don't appreciate art the other six days of the week but today we had a scheduled appreciation.  My friend Jason is graduating from East Carolina University and had his senior show and reception this evening.   Most of Jason's work is in linoleum reductions and draws influence from the the graphic style of comic book art.  Now; I exist in a state completely devoid of artistic ability, at least as far as the fine arts are concerned, so I am usually impressed by pretty much any art more intricate than stick figures but I found Jason's work particularly interesting.  First because I find the process behind a linoleum reduction intriguing and for the way in which he married fine art techniques with a more cultural arts comic book feel.   He made a point during the show of stating that bridging the gap between fine and cultural arts was one of his goals and I think he succeeded.  The theme for the bulk of the pieces he showed were the seven deadly sins.  For example wrath...

And gluttony...

I also decided to purchase several of the prints he had for sale. I acquired two prints of pieces not in his deadly sins series.
The first is of koi...

And was something he did as an experiment in styles other than linoleum reductions.  The second is of the Marvel comics character Thor...

And as a comic geek I simply had to have one.  And yes it is pink.  So what.

On a tangentially related note I've discovered that when natural light is unavailable and the standard incandescent light found in my home proves ineffective a Surefire high output LED weapon-light is a remarkably versatile lighting solution for photography.